pretty good for a girl

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Pretty Good For A Girl

by Jordan Mitchell

about me


My music will either break your heart or melt it. I moved to

Nashville, TN to write songs and tell my story. Born and

raised in Las Vegas, I naturally gravitated towards bright

neon lights of entertainment, and developed my real

love for music growing up singing in my church choir. Artists

like Patsy Cline, Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, Bob Dylan,

Reba McEntire, Grace Potter, and Bonnie Raitt have done it

best, and I want to follow the paths they have paved. Other

than music, my second love is riding horses. My dad taught

me to ride before I could walk, and I even earned a

National Championship for my college Equestrian Team.

I love Jameson, tacos, shoe shopping, and making people

smile. When I'm not making music with my friends, I pay

the rent working at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. I write

songs that are witty, heartfelt, and true. They're a little bit

folky, a little bit muddy, and just might make you cry. I'm

charming and stubborn enough to win you over, and you'll

be happy I did. Just like great music, I'm not trying to be

anything but real...real easy to love and hard to forget.